If you prefer places with soul, history and simplicity - Karuskose is ideal for you. The place works as wilderness basecamp as it is one of the most cut off places in Soomaa. Karuskose is a historical farm in the middle of floodplain meadow of Raudna river and is well known landmark because of the famous 5th season floods. From here you can go further by using hiking trails or with canoe. By staying here you support renovation works and traditional life in Soomaa. 

Smoke sauna


Our smokesauna is old and quite big. The heating procedure takes 3-4 hours depending on the weather and 7 people can fit in easily. Like most of the smoke saunas it can take fire due to careless heating procedure, it means that you rather book in advance so we can heat it up or leave instructions. 


During summer season we have out door shower or river to jump in. In colder times, there is plenty of hot and cold water to wash traditionally in a big bowl.


The fee of enjoying smoke sauna is 100€ and money goes in our fund of renovation works for building it higher so the floods won't harm it much.


Note: Only biodegradable washing items (shampoos, soaps) without phosphates are allowed to use and can be purchased here.

Historic farmhouse

There are four bedrooms with double bed and extra beds up to 10 people. Extra beds can be transformed from the reading places located in the lounge room and balcony. During warm seasons beds have mosquito nets. 


Our lovely kitchen has wood heated stove and all the necessary stuff for cooking. During the warmer months outdoor-kitchen/studio is perfect for prepearing meals and having dinners and fire.


The hall is uniqe and ideal place for seminars. The drinking water comes from the well and the house has electricity.


Rent for the whole house costs 200€ of which is used for the renovation of the most important - the roof. If there are less people, the sleepingbag accomodation is 20€, 25€ with bed linien. 12€ for kids.

Camping & Catering


Tents and hammocs can be pitched under the oak trees near the ancient farm ruins or in our apple gardens. You can borrow our Jack Wolfskin's 6 person tipi style tent and/or three 3-4 person Hilleberg four season expedition tents by Hilleberg. Of the rental - 20€ per tent.


Long as Soomaa National Park has existed, our migratory chef Maigi has made peculiar and very tasty local food. Some examples from her menu - cranberry cake, marsh stew, stinging nettle cutlets and scone. As Maigi wanders around a lot, she caters groups starting from 8 people.




Võrguaasa cabin

This tiny house has private location on the flooded meadow 150 meeters from the main house. It is ideal for explorers who have own sleepingbags and some hiking gear with. As it has wooden heating it's suitable for people who won't lack fire making skill. 


It has small riverside terrace and it accommodates up to 5 people or families. The drinking water must be taken from the well in front of the main house.


15€ per adult per night is the rent we ask for staying there.

There is also a smaller cabin for 2-3 people.


Mariell Jüssi & Rene Valner


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