Our idea is to preserve the wild and pristine side of Karuskose but in reality we prevent the collapse of a historic farmstead, while living our dream. It seems to be simply the best place for exploring Soomaa National Park. The best basecamp in wilderness.

Mariell Jüssi

She has lived, studied and travelled in different countries but suprisingly Soomaa is her choice. The first few years Mariell ended up in Soomaa hiking and guiding were between 2008-2012 -during the super high spring floods. In addition to the wilderness and peace, Mariell was amused by strange but healthy, easy-going lifestyle of the locals. 


She has been studying landscape ecology, done her research about lake productivity changes in high latitude lakes. However spent most of her life outdoors exploring, she has experiences such as running an artisian cafeteria on Muhu Island and launching a single estate coffee brand with friends.


She believes that making everything from scratch is worth it, because it makes people laugh with their whole souls.

Rene Valner

Rene has lived in Soomaa since early 2000's. During the time he has managed to be a farmer in Riisa village and run Soomaa Hostel in Soviet era kinder garden in Jõesuu village. He has spent months exploring Soomaa and so he knows lot about historic winter roads, animal trails to bog's, stories about abandoned farms and has opinion where the flying squirrel probably lives.


But he not only knows, he does. Inventing something new is one of his passions - as architect it could be the best house in the world, as a kayaker Greenland paddle or a genuine expedition plan as an explorer.



He believes that people should honour their heart and start doing things that they love. 

Mariell Jüssi & Rene Valner


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